lisa mc cune 2000

Lisa McCune during 2000’s

During the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, Lisa played a wide range of smaller, yet significant, supporting screen roles in between having her three children. She played fictional Sydney Morning Herald journalist, conscience, and love-interest to Matt Day’s character in the ABC telemovie, ‘Hell Has Harbour Views’. An expose of corporate law firms in Sydney based on the book by former lawyer Richard Beasley, ‘Hell Has Harbour Views’ earned Lisa her first industry-voted Logie nomination for Most Outstanding Actress. ‘Hell’ was not seen by many on its first screening because it coincided with Lleyton Hewitt’s 2005 Australian Open grand final defeat, but it was repeated later that year.

During the early months of her third pregnancy, Lisa scored the small part of Cate Blanchett’s heavily-pregnant best friend in the highly praised film about the ravages of heroin addiction, ‘Little Fish’, and guest starred as a young, enthusiastic but troubled doctor in a four-part ‘MDA’ miniseries opposite her former ‘Blue Heelers’ co-star, Paul Bishop and ‘Urinetown’ co-star Shane Bourne. Mid-2006 Lisa appeared in one of the stronger episodes of Bryan Brown’s mystery/supernatural series ‘Two Twisted’ and played a small, yet pivotal role in the much lauded six-part Australian/UK miniseries from the creators of ‘Seachange’ and ‘Cold Feet’, called ‘Tripping Over’.

In 2004 and again in 2006, Lisa gave “an absolute stand out performance” as Hope Cladwell in the MTC’s acclaimed production of the hilarious yet poignant musical-spoof, ‘Urinetown’.  Instead of the weight of a lead role on her shoulders, this time Lisa was one of a fine ensemble cast which included Shane Bourne, Kane Alexander (Melbourne), David Campbell (Sydney), Rhonda Burchmore, Gerry Connolly and Christen O’Leary.

Lisa spread her wings a little wider in order to fit work around having and caring for children. From 2004-2006 Lisa “coolly and carefully presented” “one of TV’s most compelling docu-dramas”, the critically acclaimed Fiona Baker series, ‘Forensic Investigators’, which looked at the painstaking police and scientific investigations into serious Australian crimes. During this period she also took up hosting duties on the nature documentary series, ‘The World Around Us’.

Other achievements of Lisa’s include performing as a soloist with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and recording ‘Nothing But a Child’ for The Salvation Army’s annual fund-raising ‘Spirit of Christmas’ CD with Nick Barker (from the film ‘Amy’) and with whom she had previously sung at Martin Sacks’ wedding. She leant her voice to a talking book version of Libby Hathorn’s popular young adult’s book ‘Thunderwith’ and has performed at numerous ‘Good Friday Appeals’ and music theatre fund-raising events.  Lisa also participated in a Playbox-commissioned workshop of the new Dean Bryant/Matthew Frank musical ‘Once We Lived Here’ about the impact of drought on farming families.